So, things are about to get juicy if that’s okay with you.

Scooch on in for a little pep talk, my friend. Because you have the expertise, the passion for serving, and big ideas that keep you up at night. That makes you my people, and I love pep-talking my people.

Now, back to your expertise and passion.

I know part of you is like, “I’ve gotta find a way to make “this” happen because the world needs what I have to offer!” and the other half is like, “Who am I to put myself out there? I don’t even know how I’d go about launching my offer, let alone marketing it.”

Here’s the thing. You’re not entirely wrong. You can make it happen even though you might not know how to get started. And that’s ok, because I do. Even if you don’t have this big idea completely fleshed out yet, I’m here to help.

Strategizing? Marketing? Launching? They’re my jam.

I’ve helped small business owners and industry leaders alike go from big ideas to actual income, and I can help you do the same.

Like you, I used to think I was stuck, too. I adopted the mindset that I’d have to hustle and struggle financially to use my expertise outside of my non-profit cubicle to make an impact.

Fast forward 5 years (and a major shift from non-profit to the online marketing space) and I never looked back. I’ve worked for major players like Marie Forleo and Sophia Amoruso, blending tried-and-true methods with a healthy dose of resourcefulness to help entrepreneurs go from newbie to success.

And now, I want to give you all of the tools you need to become the creator of your own success story.

You go-to launch support system

Everyone deserves a shot at making their business dreams a reality. Launch BFF was created to give entrepreneurs the confidence and tools they need to do just that.

We offer marketing and launch strategy training for newbie digital entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their big ideas into profitable offers. In order to make that happen, we’ve created a plan of action that offers the confidence and skills you need to make your idea successful, scalable, and profitable.

Launch BFF can help you:

✓  Develop a show-stopping offer your future prospects can’t refuse
✓  Build a realistic, confidence-boosting marketing plan that aligns your vision with actionable steps
✓  Implement well-designed, time-saving templates that drive conversions
✓  Become a master at scaling a successful business you love for endless growth

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Looking for that high-level, seasonal-launch-manager-like support?

We design and execute launches for 7-8+ figure entrepreneurs who wants to launch the right way.