5 Cart Open Mistakes During Launch

5 Mistakes You're Making After Doors Open for Your Launch

The day is here. The cart is opening to your latest offer! Congrats — you’ve made it to the *almost* finish line. Now, you get to sit and watch as your sales numbers start to roll in… or not.

Of course, every entrepreneur’s worst nightmare is to announce that cart is open and hear total crickets. No one is buying, or your sales are trickling in at a glacial pace. Cue Debbie Downer noises. If you’re worried about that happening on your cart open day — or you’ve been there and never want to feel that way again — here are a few launch mistakes I see people making before their cart opens.

Mistake #1: The (totally) quiet launch

I know that selling can feel salesy, but not telling people that you’re selling something new is going to mean nobody buys. Shout your new offer to the rafters, engage with your audience on social media, share promotional graphics – do what it takes to make sure that all of your followers and subscribers know what you have to sell!

Mistake #2: The out-of-the-blue launch

Have you ever gotten an email from a list you subscribed to a while back… and out of the blue, they’re telling you about this new program or offer they have for sale? I don’t know about you, but if I haven’t heard from a brand in months, I’m probably not going to buy from them… 

Now, let’s flip that example. Let’s say that list you subscribed to sends you a few emails before they start selling that same product. You reconnect with their content, you remember why you’re on the list, and it suddenly doesn’t seem so weird that they’re selling you something. 

That’s how you can create a successful launch with a smooth cart open — by cultivating a relationship before the sale, showing them why they followed or subscribed in the first place, and then introducing them to your new offer. This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play.

During a launch period, you need to provide 20% value and 80% selling. That means you’ll still want to be engaging people with content that’s free and of use to them, even if they’re not going to buy right now. Give your followers value so they know that you are the real deal when they EVENTUALLY buy from you. 

Mistake #3: Focusing on the offer stack

I’ve seen it all the time. People get on Instagram and talk about the amazing modules inside their new course, or talk about how many coaching calls included in their offer. But the truth is, you’re just giving facts. Your potential buyers want to know what’s included, sure, but they also want to know what they will feel like when they’ve bought your offer. Do some storytelling, share some insight, and let them know what they’re actually getting — beyond the specs.

Mistake #4: Focusing on one promotional channel

We all have a favorite platform. Maybe you love engaging with your audience on Instagram, or maybe your emails are where it’s at. But if you’re only using that one platform during a launch, you’re missing out on potential sales. Not all of your ideal clients are going to be engaging on that one platform at the specific times you’re online. Instead, use your social channels, blog, podcast or YouTube, emails, and wherever else you show up online to provide value, share testimonials, and get the word out there about your new offer.

Mistake #5: The super short cart open

Is there anything more annoying than getting 3 emails from the same person in a day? I hate when my paying clients do that, and I’m sure I’m not alone in finding it even more annoying when it comes from a brand. This usually happens when a brand has a flash sale, or a super short-term bonus structure on their offer.

But if you find that you’re emailing your audience every few hours, blasting them with 3 Instagram posts a day, and even throwing in Facebook ads, you’re going to burn them out. Don’t overwhelm your customers with relentless promotions just because you have a short cart open window. For one, you can’t forget the 80/20 rule. For two, you might need a slower burn to show people the value of your offer — instead of just trying to force it down their throats. 

Flash sales can work (Black Friday, anyone?), but a great ramp-up and value-based content will help bring the sales numbers you want to see once the cart does open. You’ve got to cultivate your relationships with your customers and show them the value of what you have to offer. Not everyone buys on an impulse, so give your slower-burn customers a chance to process.

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