5+ Reasons You Should Offer an Online Program in 2023

As we head into the last few weeks of 2022, it’s time to cue the consistent end-of-year-isms.

Can you believe this year flew by so quickly? How are we already at the end of 2022? What are you going to accomplish in 2023?

As easy as it is to roll our eyes at all the cliche sayings, we can’t help but get on board. Because, to be honest, we really can’t believe this year flew by so quickly. We also have no clue how we’re already at the end of 2022. And we have a whole heck of a lot to accomplish in 2023.

So…what about you?

While you might already have your goals set for next year, we challenge you to add just one more to your list: offering an online program. 

Now, before you start to feel overwhelmed, we’re here to make everything ok. That’s because online programs can benefit your business (and clients!) in so many ways, making all the upfront prep work all the more worth it. 

If you’re still a skeptic, we totally get it. But if you stick with us, we’re breaking down the different types of online programs you can offer and all the reasons you should go for it in 2023.

What kind of online programs can you offer?

The short answer? You can offer all sorts of online programs in 2023. But that’s not very helpful, is it? Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of online programs you can bring to life!

Self-service programs

Sometimes, people like to learn and explore at their own pace. With a self-service program, you can offer pre-recorded classes, on-demand courses, or lessons that are accessed through a portal or sent directly via email.

Group programs

These online programs can be offered to smaller groups through structured live or on-demand classes, a private online community, and ongoing group or 1:1 support from you and your team.


Through masterminds, you can take your expertise up a notch by offering 1:1 lessons, customized solutions, and on-demand support.


If you’re creating a consistent stream of new resources, materials, templates, or anything else, a membership offer might be the perfect fit for your biz. You can even offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly memberships to accommodate every kind of budget.


Online challenges can be a fun, low-risk way to introduce audiences to your business and brand. Even better? These can be repurposed anytime you’re ready to expand your reach and get new prospects on the hook!

Why you should offer an online program

Now that you know all the different ways you can sell your expertise, let’s get into all the reasons why you should.

1. Make your services more accessible

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or any other kind of service provider, sometimes your audiences aren’t ready to dive head-first into 1:1 services or make a large investment. With an online program, you can make your services (and accompanying expertise) more accessible to a wider range of people (and their accompanying budgets).

2. Create more steady income streams

When you’re a service provider, most of your offers require a certain level of attention and personalization. As a result, you can’t dedicate much of your time elsewhere. But with online programs, you can create more evergreen content that can be repurposed over and over again. And with more evergreen content, comes more chances for additional income streams. 

For example, think about an online course. Once you take the time to create, market, and launch an online course, it can be purchased by anyone at any time – all without you lifting a finger. That’s because your online course is always there for customers to purchase and complete whenever they want!

3. Upsell your current offers

Remember when we mentioned that online programs can make your services more accessible to clients? You can also use that mindset to upsell your current offers! Here’s what we mean:

When your services are more accessible (i.e., low-cost and/or low-risk), it’s an easy way to get someone’s foot in the door. Then, once they see all the amazing and valuable expertise you have to offer through your online program, they’re much more inclined to upgrade their investment. Maybe they’re ready for 1:1 coaching or want to attend an exclusive retreat. 

Whatever that upsell looks like, make sure you nurture the heck out of customers that invest in your online program because you know they’re already quality leads!

4. Repurpose materials into digital products

On the surface, this may feel like we’re creating even more work for you in 2023. But hear us out.

Let’s say you create an online course about how to knit a blanket. That’s great! But what could that look like re-imagined as a digital product(s)? Perhaps something like:

  • A downloadable how-to guide
  • An e-book
  • A live or evergreen webinar
  • A membership with different digital patterns and pro tips

Even better, you can repurpose all that course content to create different online programs, too, like:

  • An exclusive knitting challenge
  • 1:1 knitting lessons
  • Small group knitting sessions
  • And so much more!

Clearly, we’re no knitting experts over here – this is just a basic example to showcase all the exciting and creative ways you can show off (and sell!) your niche expertise!

5. Create more connections

For business owners, it can be difficult to create widespread connections with audiences. Especially if you offer more tailored solutions. But with online programs, you’re facilitating even more avenues for you to connect with audiences – and vice versa. Whether it’s in small groups, weekly support, or an exclusive online community, online programs let you create more genuine, personalized connections that traditional marketing avenues (like websites and social media) can’t really offer.

Ready to get started? Let’s create, market, and launch your online program together!

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