How to Build Trust When You Don’t Have Social Proof

Think you can’t promote your new offer just because you don’t have any testimonials yet? Not so fast! People are more likely to buy from people they trust, yes. But that doesn’t mean social proof is the only way to build that connection. 

There are still a few ways you can build trust when you don’t have social proof (yet). And while nothing is ever a replacement for solid testimonials, reviews, recommendations, or endorsements, these five alternatives can certainly help in the meantime!

Show off the “how” 

The point of social proof is to show that you’re credible and you have a history of doing good work. Of course, with a new offer, you won’t have that history. Good news, though: Explaining how your product works in detail can still give people a pretty good idea of what it would be like to work with you or buy your new offer.

You can also show off how you came up with the idea for your product and how you developed it. Not only will this provide some kind of evidence, but it will also help build connections by showing you care and take pride in what you do.

Reinforce your values

People want to work with or buy from people who have similar values. So, reinforce those values on your sales pages and in all your promo materials! Mirroring someone else's beliefs helps reinforce and establish a connection.

But don’t just rattle off those values and expect it to stick. Make sure you frame it in a way that will resonate with your audience. You can do this by framing your values inside the deliverables, which shows how it will impact them. 

Give them your word

Money-back guarantees are a great way to show your confidence in your product. Potential customers will know that even if they don’t like your offer, there’s minimal risk involved with trying it out. 

And while you can’t ever really guarantee anything (you should DEFINITELY avoid using over-hyped language) a money-back guarantee can offer some sense of confidence for the customer. 

Just make sure you’re crystal clear on the parameters of said guarantee!

Use testimonials from other products or services

Okay, this one comes with a disclaimer — DO NOT use testimonials from another product or service, and try to pass them off as one for your new offer. Not only is it misleading, but it’s also just ick. No one likes to be lied to. 

Instead…lean into them by adding the disclaimer of, “See what people are saying about our other products/services!” or, “Here’s what so-and-so had to say about her experience with us!” Showing that you’re trustworthy in other parts of your business can help them feel confident in spending their money with you. 

A great product will speak for itself

We know it can feel pretty discouraging not to have the hype you need right away, but be patient. Over time, a great product will speak for itself. And eventually, word of mouth will become your best friend. 

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