How Can a Tech VA Help With Your Next Launch?

A Virtual Assistant, or a VA, is someone who helps with a variety of tasks — virtually, of course — to help your business run smoother. Of course, “a VA” is a pretty broad term, which is why there are so many niches for people doing this work.

Some VAs only work with creative entrepreneurs. Some do design work. And some offer amazing customer service or member support. Others love the backend setup for things like websites, sales funnels, and launches. Those people are called tech VAs — and they can save your bacon when it comes time to launch (or even maintain) your new offer. 

It’s important to know what kind of help you need and how to vet the right candidate. But if you need tech help in your business, let's talk about what a tech VA can do for you. 

What a tech VA can help you with

When people say they need a tech VA’s help, they usually mean someone who can help them with the backend of their biz. They want someone who knows how to use various types of software, CRMs, etc. And when you run an online business, there are a lot of them. 

So let’s take a look in detail at what a tech VA can do for you. 

Please note: Not ALL tech VAs do all of this. It’s important to list what you need help with and find professionals who have experience with those platforms or needs.

Tech VAs can manage your CRM

Your customer relationship management system, or CRM, can be tricky to work with. But a tech VA should be able to know how to work with it. They’ll make sure all the tools and processes are set up and functioning correctly. They can also help with setting up workflows, data entry, updating databases, and automating lead processes. 

Tech VAs can help with your blog

And we don’t mean writing your blog — when mean managing it. You know…all that backend stuff you hate doing? Whether on WordPress or Squarespace, a tech VA can help you publish new content, add featured imagines, manage links, update SEO sections, and monitor/respond to comments. 

Tech VAs can research technology trends and updates

Technology changes every day. Staying up to date and remaining compliant with those changes can be exhausting. On one hand, you don’t want to be left behind. But on the other, you just don’t have time to stay on top of it all. 

That’s where a tech VA comes in! They can research and implement updates on your existing software/programs, figure out how to work with any important updates, and identify potential problems that could pop up along the way. 

Many tech VAs are skilled in analytics

Part of the reason tracking monthly metrics is so daunting is because of the tech used to track them. You never know where, how, or when to pull the numbers, and it seems like Google Analytics, social platforms, and other software change their interfaces weekly. But with a tech VA, you won’t have to play hide-and-go-seek with your analytics reports. They’ll know exactly where to get them (and maybe even what they mean).

Tech VAs can help you with your e-commerce or digital product shop

There are many moving parts in an e-commerce or digital product shop. Not only do you have the actual website platform to manage, but you also have to make sure checkout works, ensure  payment connections are secure, and deliver the product to the right place — but a tech VA can make all of this a breeze.

What a tech VA can do for you as a biz owner

These job functions aren’t the only thing that a tech VA can help you with. Besides being incredibly skilled in many programs and software, they can also help you move the needle forward. How so? 

By saving time, and not working on tech tasks like this, you’re saving money. You won’t have to spend hours every week fumbling through Mailchimp or Clickup to figure out how it works. A tech VA can do it faster and more efficiently than you can, freeing up your time to be the CEO.

And when you have time to do that? That’s when all the good ideas come to life!

P.S. Just think of all the late nights and hair-pulling you can avoid when you have good help ;) 

Hire a tech VA to help with your launches

Once you’ve hired the techy person of your business dreams, you might even have more time to launch our next big idea. A tech VA can help you smooth out all of those rough patches and fix any problems that may pop up. They’ll also be able to set up your funnels, landing pages, emails, checkouts, and more while you can focus on the strategy side of things. 

And if you need some resources to help your new VA get started — or to help them with the design element — check out our template shop! We’ve got everything you need to set up a successful launch in minutes. Plus, the design and copy portions are completely customizable, so everything you use can be effortlessly on brand!


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