How Automations Can Benefit Your Business

Not long ago, we were working with a client, discussing launch tasks and to-do’s. During one specific conversation, we brought up the subject of automations.

“But automations feel so impersonal,” they said.

Respectfully, we disagree.

Automations are there for a reason – they can benefit our businesses in so many ways that make the upfront work worth it. And as far as impersonal brand touches go? Not on our watch.

There are tons of ways you can automate tasks and events within your business without losing that personal touch with your audiences. There are plenty of ways to create personalized connections and make sure your customers are taken care of without the common roadblocks that come from you doing things manually.

Don’t believe us? Let’s talk through it.

First, WTF is an automation?

If you’re totally new to the world of funnel, launch, and marketing tech, the term “automation” might sound overwhelming. Don’t worry — you don’t need to go to, like, a robotics class to get this figured out.

Instead, automations are steps you can set up inside your software or processes that reduce the need for a human to do them. Most of the automations we’ll cover are built into the tools you use all the time, from your email marketing tool to your funnel software, project management tool, or CRM.

Automations include things like:

  • An automatic confirmation email after purchase
  • Scheduled emails and social posts
  • An upsell feature on your freebie sign-up page
  • A nurture sequence for people who sign up for your newsletter
  • A workflow that sends a new client their invoice and contract
  • A scheduled reminder for appointments or payments

See? You’ve already been using automations and you may not have even known it. Now that we know what an automation is, let’s talk about why they matter.

Automations improve customer experience

Think about all the times you’ve taken action online. Whether it’s signing up for an event, downloading a freebie, joining a waitlist, purchasing a pair of shoes, or anything else. There’s a lot of initial excitement that happens in the beginning, right? It’s that moment when you hear the little ‘ping’ of your email that you’re excited to see what happens next.

Well, your audiences are no different. When they’re in that moment of conversion, they’re the most engaged and excited with what you have to offer and what’s next for them. That means the next step – the step where you connect with them – has to happen almost immediately. Or automatically, if you will.

If you wait to send your next communication manually, you more than likely stand the chance of losing their excitement. But if you can meet them almost immediately with a welcome message, a confirmation message, or whatever that looks like for you, you’re letting your audiences know that you’re right there and just as excited as they are.

Remember: These automated responses don’t have to be generic. You can still add a personalized touch even without manual lifting. For example, our friend and serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso sends out personalized confirmation emails that include a custom boarding pass with everyone’s name on it. It’s automated, yes, but there’s still a flair of personalization to enhance her customers’ experiences. 

Automations make launch prep easier

Even as launch experts ourselves, we know that launch prep is no joke. There’s the emails, the social posts, the landing pages, the exclusive wait lists, the web prep, and everything in between. But you know what can make all of that much easier? You guessed it: Automations.

When you create and schedule things like sales sequences and social posts, it keeps everything running as smoothly as possible. So, instead of stopping everything in the middle of your day to manually send an email or post to Instagram, you can stay in your zone of genius and keep your attention where it needs to be at that moment.

Automations prevent things from slipping through the cracks

On top of making your launch life easier, automations can also prevent things from slipping through the cracks. Whether you’re in the middle of your pre-launch marketing plan or onboarding a new client, automations can keep things moving along without you lifting a finger. 

Think about it: If you miss a crucial step of any process because you forgot to do it manually, that can have a negative impact on your overall brand. Missed communications, emails that never get sent, social posts that don’t go live – all of it can impact your bottom line. But with automations, you don’t have to worry about missing or forgetting those crucial steps.

Automations help you get more time back

If you haven’t caught on by now, automations can cause a positive domino effect when it comes to your business and your personal life. Because, as all small business owners know, time equals money. The more time you spend on manual tasks, the less time you spend on other things that can scale your biz, like creating new products, courses, memberships, and more.

And, more importantly, all that time you get back can lead to less stress and less energy you have to expend on work. We all know the dangers of burnout, and an endless cycle of manual tasks can definitely contribute. Your time and energy should be protected at all times, so why not arm yourself with automated solutions that can help along the way?

Get automated with one amazing tool

So, are you ready to see first-hand how automations can benefit your business? We’re ready to help! 

In terms of launch platforms and tools, our tried-and-true go-to is Kajabi*. It’s an all-encompassing platform that lets you create and sell virtually any type of digital product along with other capabilities like:

  • Sending + managing emails
  • Processing payments
  • Designing sales funnels
  • Tracking metrics
  • And so much more!

And, of course, you can set up automations through Kajabi*. Create workflows and triggers, schedule and send emails, and scale your business – all automatically. 

If you wanna learn more about Kajabi, we have a full platform breakdown to check out, or you can go straight into a free trial* to experience the magic of automations yourself!


*denotes affiliate link

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