How to Close Your Cart After Launch

What You Need to Do Now That Cart’s Closed on Your Launch

You’ve put in the work and you’ve launched the thing. Now, today, you’re finally closing the doors on that amazing new offer. All those weeks of prep and work, all the webinars and promos, all the emails and social posts — it’s all done. The sale is over. You’re shutting it down. You’re probably exhausted and feel like you’ve run a marathon!

But before you pour yourself a drink and sit down for some much-needed Netflix bingeing, you’ve got just a bit more work left to do to close your cart down your launch the right way. Don’t cry. I’m showing you everything you need to do for your launch cart close here.

Record your sales data

Pull up all the data. What were your final sales? How many products or courses did you sell? How much revenue did you earn? How many folks paid in full and how many selected a monthly recurring payment plan? Go through all the data and track it, so you have a record of how successful your launch was. It might seem cumbersome when you’re tired from a few weeks of selling, but this data will be invaluable when you go to plan your next launch!

Get your waitlist set up

The most important thing you need to do after your cart closes is set up your waitlist. You’re going to have customers that, for whatever reason, just didn’t buy this time around. That’s okay. What you need to do now is get them to sign up for your waitlist so they can be the first to hear about the next cart open phase or sale. Setting up a waitlist is a great way to increase your email list and build up your followers. 

Update your website

Once your launch is over, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve closed everything down correctly on your site and other platforms. Here’s my checklist of everything you need to update after your sales cart closes.

  • Remove your site banner or pop-ups (if you had any)
  • Turn off promo codes
  • Takedown all your sales and live chat features
  • Remove all your buy now buttons, replace them with ‘join the waitlist’ buttons
  • Takedown webinar pages and redirect all webinar pages to your waitlist 
  • Make sure all your launch videos are private and closed
  • Shut down your sales page and redirect traffic to your waitlist

You should also make sure that any other links on your Instagram or other social accounts are pointing to the right places.

Set up a nurture sequence

Some people love to be first in line for a sale, and others like to wait to make their purchase and think it over. Hopefully, your launch captured plenty of the first kind of customers, those who aren’t afraid to pull the trigger. However, now that your launch is over, you need to set up a nurture sequence to get those who were a little leery of buying to be first in line next time you have a sale. 

Now your waitlist will come in super handy. Let people know they can drop their email and they’ll be the first to know when the cart opens again — or when you’re planning to have a sale. Give them a reason to get on the waitlist.

Make your potential customers feel a little FOMO by sharing some of the tips and tricks that the paying customers already got. Share testimonials from happy customers. Send reminder emails for your next product launch or sales promotion. Be present on your socials so that your followers grow to trust you and your brand. With an engaged waitlist, you’ll have an even more successful launch the next go-round.

Ask for customer feedback

Once you’ve got your waitlist set up and your nurture sequence in place, it’s time to care for your paying customers. Did they love the product? Did they enjoy your course? How was the buying experience? Is there something that you need to change up? Set up a quick and simple survey for your customers and incentivize them to complete it. It could also be an exit strategy for those who finish your course, graduate from your membership, or use your digital products.

Don’t take feedback personally

Now, you might get some negative feedback or ‘constructive criticism.’ Look, your customers will never really know how many sleepless nights and hours of work you put into your project. It’s going to be hard to accept some of the feedback you get – especially if it’s negative. Here’s my rule: if a customer’s feedback points out a genuine problem or issue, fix it. If it is just a negative or unkind criticism because they didn’t like the product or the price point, ignore it. Being a small business owner is tough, and there will always be the Karens of the world who have something to complain about. Don’t take it personally and instead focus on improving your product or sales experience to make it the best it can be.

Start prepping for your next launch!

You’ve just survived your first product or course launch. Congratulations! This is huge! You might feel like you got hit by a truck, and that’s perfectly normal, but hopefully these tips I just shared will help you see what you need to do before you let the exhaustion overtake you.

These steps can help you gain more sales in the future and prep for your next launch when you’re ready. If you’re launching a new course, or have just launched a course but want to improve the process, get my course launch checklist.

This checklist includes everything I’ve learned from years of helping folks launch their courses — and it will make your launch 1000x times easier. Now go, pour a glass of wine, try off your phone, turn on Netflix, and order some takeout because your launch is done! You made it!

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