Why You Need Social Media Marketing (and How to Get Started)

It’s hard to imagine that, once upon a time, social media was used for sharing cringe statuses on Facebook and over-filtered photos on Instagram. 

Now, the virtual world we once knew is virtually unrecognizable. It’s where we go to scroll and share but get hit with hundreds of ads instead. It’s where building connections became more about connecting with consumers. And it’s also where entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, influencers, and businesses – big and small – have created their foundation.

Thus, the birth of social media marketing. 

Social media marketing: yay or nay?

Social media marketing is a great B2C (business to consumer) tactic for small businesses. Even though it’s not as direct as email marketing or SMS marketing, social media is still a great space to grow brand awareness, strengthen brand loyalty, and grow your business organically. 

We could even argue that social media platforms are the primary window into someone’s business, sometimes even trumping actual websites. It’s where you can share, sell, educate, inform, and everything in between…all while reaching customers in ways that weren’t possible before.

Why you should get on board

Social media also allows you to reach your target audience and beyond. You don’t have to sell to the masses in hopes that your target audience will find you – you can meet them exactly where they are: on social media. You can curate what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to. 

Plus, social media opens up direct lines of communication from your target audiences. It’s where you can get instant feedback from them – what they like, what they don’t like, and what more from you they’d like to see.

On top of all that, social media makes it easier for people to find your business. Maybe your posts show up on their feed, or your profile pops up as a recommended follow. Even better, maybe someone else shares your business with their followers, opening you up to that many more potential clients and customers. 

Oh, and the best part of all? Social media marketing is free. 

How to get started with social media marketing

Given the explosion of social media marketing in the past several years, we know it can feel really overwhelming at first. But if you start slow – and start smart – you can curate a social media marketing plan that works for you and your business.

Choose the right channels

First thing’s first: You don’t have to start with all the channels right away. Only choose the channels that make the most sense for your target audience(s). Ask yourself:

  • What are their online shopping and buying behaviors?
  • Where do they spend most of their time online?
  • What problems can you help them solve, and on what channels can you best communicate that?

Pro tip: Even if you don’t fire up every social media channel right away, it’s still smart to create an account and claim your profile/username/handle. You never know where you might expand in the future, and you want to make sure that your handles are consistent across channels!

Come up with a plan

Before you dive in head-first and just ‘wing it,’ you want to come up with a plan that’s rooted in strategy. Think about things like:

  • Your overall goal/purpose for the channel (entertain, educate, sell, all of the above?)
  • How often you want to post
  • What you want to post about
  • How you’ll carry your brand voice and personality through

A word of caution during this stage: Social media can quickly become a second full-time job, especially if you try to do too much too soon (like we talked about above). Make sure that your strategy makes sense for you and your brand – not someone else’s. 

Stay consistent (and persistent)

One of the best ways to be successful with social media marketing? Consistency. But you saw that one coming, right?

That’s because there are a few factors we’re up against in the social media space. First, it’s really crowded out there, and you want to make sure you stand out among the crowd and reach the right people. Second, the algorithms can be…challenging (to put it nicely). Even those who do everything right will sometimes reach only a fraction of their following. We can thank Meta for that BS.

Now, we don’t say that to be discouraging; we say that to set your expectations. But with some time, persistence, and – of course – consistency, you can grow your following organically, reach your target audiences, and create a community of loyalists along the way. 

Pro tip: Another way to stay consistent with social media marketing? Through the look and feel of your profiles. And if you’re not a designer (most of us aren’t!), social media templates can be a lifesaver!

Test, learn, adapt, repeat

One of the best things about social media is that it’s evergreen and everchanging. In other words: You don’t have to stick to your first-ever strategy. You don’t have to stay true to your initial posting schedule. You can test new tactics, learn along the way, and adapt and tailor your strategies accordingly.

For example, if you want to grow your engagement, maybe you try out new content formats like Reels or Stories on Instagram. If you want to explore your creativity and expand your audience, try new channels like TikTok or Pinterest! There’s no harm in expanding and growing in new spaces, as long as it makes sense for you and your business.

And, like with every marketing tactic, make sure you leverage any and all engagement data you can. It will be your best friend in helping you determine things like:

  • The best days/times to post
  • The type of content that’s most engaging
  • Most popular content topics
  • Posts that get the highest conversion rates

As challenging and exhausting social media marketing can be, remember that it’s the perfect playground for trying new things, reaching new people, and growing your business in new ways you never even thought of before. 

Make social media marketing EASIER

If you have a launch coming up, social media marketing is more important than ever. But you don’t want to blast people with ugly graphics the day your cart opens. No ma’am. You want to create a relationship that gets people primed and ready to buy your offer — before you ever sell them a thing! 

That’s where a 6-week social launch plan can come in handy, so you know what to post leading up to your big reveal!

And of course, we want to make sure your social media looks goooooood, which is why we have launch social media graphic templates you can customize in minutes in Canva. Choose from the style that best fits your brand and start creating! 

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