How to Run a Successful Launch While Avoiding Burnout

No doubt about it — launching can be stressful. While it may be worth it in the long run, that kind of stress can take a lot out of you. 

Difficult launches also make it harder for your business to grow because they require so much of your energy and resources. That makes it harder to launch again (because you don’t have the time, money, or energy), and makes it more likely that you’ll avoid launching because it feels so hard.

We want you to launch with confidence and consistency, which means helping you avoid the dreaded “launch burnout.” If you want to create a successful launch, sans burnout, read on, friend!

Create a work-back schedule

If you’ve never heard of a work-back schedule, it’s just a way to center your launch plan around a launch date versus waiting to see when you get everything done. It helps you avoid procrastination and pushing deadlines for the third, fourth, and, yes, sometimes even the fifth time. 

Working backward also helps you set milestones and work on your launch on a per-project basis instead of looking at it as everything that needs to get done all at once.

It’s kind of like when people make New Year’s resolutions but don’t complete them because it sounds so overwhelming and tedious to keep up with for a literal year. Overwhelm is one of the biggest reasons people procrastinate — you don’t start because you don’t know where to start. But working backward can help you avoid all of that. 

Hire support

Hiring launch support could be one of the things that reduces or increases the intensity of your launch! We don’t have to tell you that there are so many moving parts to a launch — and we also don’t have to tell you that it’s exhausting to try and do them all yourself. 

When you look at that long launch to-do list, it’s enough to make a business owner run and hide under their covers! But with launch help, you can make sure you have the time and space you need to make it successful.

Consider outsourcing positions like copywriters, launch strategists, launch managers, or tech support.

Set realistic expectations

No one gets it right the first time, so if there are a few hiccups in your launch, breathe a sigh of relief, because everyone’s experienced that. In fact, we suggest not even expecting a profit from your first launch.

Why? Because no matter how much work you put into the launch, you can’t exactly predict your earnings (there are just way too many variables influencing that), and also because it’s tough to sell a new offer. You don’t have enough “proof” to back it up — even if you know it’s amazing! It takes time to build something new. 

Set aside some pre/post-launch R&R

During launch season, you’re hitting the ground running every single day until that cart closes. It’s going to take some energy, folks! So it’s always a good idea to set aside time before AND after your launches to chill out for a bit — number one, to get your mind and schedule ready for a busy season, and number two, so you can recoup afterward. Trust us, you’ll need it!

Treat yourself

Don’t be afraid to give yourself some recognition for the hard work you’re doing, especially in the days following the close of your launches. Audrey, our founder and CEO, loves to get acupuncture and a massage afterward. But this can look like whatever you want! Take time to read a book. Bake some cookies and binge your favorite Netflix show. The choice is yours!

Prepare ahead of time to relieve launch week pressure

One of the biggest reasons why launches are so intimidating is because we have a tendency to put all the pressure on the week itself. We leave so much until the last minute and that’s when it gets overwhelming.

Proofing the emails, reviewing the sales page, building up the hype on social media…it should never all be done right before go time. You should have your sales page done in advance, and your emails should be locked and loaded before launch week as well! Social media graphics can be scheduled ahead of time, saving your sanity during a busy week.

If you wait for the week of your launch to do things that can be done ahead of time, it just ends up creating MORE work and MORE stress for you (and your team, if you have one). Instead, work on all of this well ahead of time so you have the time and space to work on edits and smooth out any rough patches that may pop up. 

Use launch templates to make everything easier

There’s no shame in using templates — they make everything about launching so much easier. We’re big fans of templates ourselves, and we use them in our own business and with clients to help launches go a bit smoother.

And that’s exactly why we’ve created our launch template shop — to help you have the resources you need to make stressful launches a thing of the past!

Choose from a full suite of products that meet your brand needs and goals, and customize them to match your brand as you see fit! We’ve got you covered, from sales pages and freebie funnels that effortlessly get people in the door to strategic social templates, sales funnels, and more!

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