How to Showcase Offers on Your Site

How to Showcase Your Offers on Your Site

Do you remember when you had to print off directions from Mapquest when you were traveling? If you missed a turn, you had to backtrack to where you went wrong. There was no rerouting.

Think of your website as the GPS of your products and offers. You want to guide your customers through your offers until they are ready to buy. The easier you make it for your customers to find your offers, learn what they are, and buy them — and re-route if needed — the easier it will be to increase your sales!

It’s all about how you showcase your offers, and how you structure them on your website. Here are my best tips for making sure your site visitors have clear directions to finding the offer that’s right for them.

Keep your layout simple

Do me a favor, visit one of your favorite product sites. I’ll use’s homepage as an example. My first impression: it’s super simple. There’s a search bar, a navigation bar, a small sale banner, and then large graphic images of their newest products with simple links.

As you scroll down, the page divides into clickable graphic boxes before ending in a footer full of index links for easy navigation. Apple is widely known for its simplistic, intuitive design, and its website is no exception. 

No matter what type of layout you go for, remember the principle of the Apple design: simplicity. Make sure it’s easy for your customer to find your offers and products, whether it’s based on the type of product you’re selling or their particular challenges.

Keep your links and headings simple, and add shortcuts to critical information such as FAQs, product descriptions, and other information in easily accessible places.

Put your launch products front and center

Another thing I love about Apple’s website is that you know what products they are promoting as soon as you view the page. Their newest and latest products are front and center, followed by their smaller offers. Putting your latest offers front and center is critical, especially during a launch.

When you showcase your latest offer on your website, it will complement your launch and increase your sales. Think about it: What if you were promoting a great new product on social but then you didn’t have it on your homepage or anywhere but the sales page? People might wonder if you’re really that into your own offer!

Curate collections for your customers

Have you ever gone to a restaurant with a super long menu? I’m talking Cheesecake Factory long. When the waiter hands you the actual book of choices, it can be pretty intimidating. *Until* you see that you can search by each category, like Pasta or Seafood or Burgers…

The same principle stands on your website. Do you want to give people a BOOK of options to sort through… or do you want to break your products and offers into searchable categories? Offering a dropdown menu or sections of your site focused on specific offers is a great way to give your customers options without overwhelm. Break them bad boys up into categories to keep things simple — and so you can sell more.

Keep things fresh

All of our businesses go through seasons. Some seasons, we’re busier with 1:1 client work, while others we are focused on our memberships (hi, like me!) or maybe digital products. Whatever season you’re in right now, your website should reflect that.

Don’t leave all your offers on the website all the time — especially if you don’t want to actually deliver on them. Instead, keep things fresh. Maybe your VIP days are way more popular at the beginning of the year because people want to make quick progress, but your ongoing retainer packages are more popular after Q2 when people realize they need more support.

Focus on the offer you really want to promote this season.

Get help

I’m not a website designer, but I do know a thing or two about creating a great site that showcases your offers and products for your customers. If you have a ton of offers and are struggling to get them organized on your site, my advice is to work with a designer to create a simple site for your customers to navigate.

From there, you can showcase your offers and products on your site in a way that will make it easy for your customers to know what you have to offer now. And don’t forget — keep your website updated!

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