How to Work With a Launch Strategist

How to Work With a Launch Strategist 

One of the things I love most about being a launch strategist is… well… the strategy. I get to collaborate with some amazing entrepreneurs and business owners to help them build and host launches that get them anywhere from 3 to 7 figures in sales (and I’m proud of them all for the results they get).

Of course, part of the reason those businesses are successful with their launch is because they have a plan. They go in knowing their end goal (sell the thing, usually) and how they’ll get there (their copy, their tech, their calendar, etc.). When you’re new to launching, though, you don’t just immediately know the right approach for your launch.

There are tons of questions — like, “How many emails should I send?” and “What should my webinar be about?” That’s why I offer 90-minute, 1:1 launch strategy sessions to help business owners with their upcoming launches. Wanna know how they work?

Flexible sessions

One of the biggest differences about a launch strategy session with me and, let’s say, a DIY course teaching you how to launch is that it’s YOUR session. I’m not going to whip out excel spreadsheets and a strict checklist to tell you how to launch. Instead, we’re going to figure out your goals for your launch and then work through your specific challenges or needs. If you need help starting a launch plan from scratch, great. If you’ve got a launch plan and want help fine-tuning the details, let’s do it. Feel like you’re forgetting something from your nearly complete launch? Let’s get eyes on it.

Because they’re so flexible, and because my 90-minute sessions go fast, it’s best if you come with an idea of where you need support. From there, I can help you figure out what to do. All I ask is that my strategy session clients come ready to tell me where they’re stuck or what they want to accomplish! If you don’t know what you need help with, contact me ahead of time or include your questions in the strategy session application.

Bring ya questions 

There are no wrong questions, but there are better questions to ask. Our strategy session is your time, and I want to ensure that you get the most out of it. So before we meet, I suggest you write down a few of your top concerns about your upcoming launch. From there, we can dig deeper into those issues.

For example, emails are always a hot topic – as they should be! A smart email sequence can be critical for converting leads to customers and boosting your final sales numbers. 

Usually, I get asked, ‘How many emails should I send? What should my email calendar look like?’ These are great questions. These are great questions. But better questions might be ‘How can I create an email calendar that will increase sales?’ or ‘How early should I start warming up my email subscribers, so they are primed and ready to buy?’

If you dig just a little deeper into the reasons WHY you are asking your questions, you’re going to find the specific issues that we can tackle together. 

Here’s an example of how a strategy session client prepared for her session:

She wanted to host a webinar to kick off her launch, and she had a general idea of what to talk about. But her big question was, ‘What do I need to make sure my webinar is ready?’ I figured she wanted to talk about the tech of the webinar, but during our strategy session, we really figured out that she wanted to know if her webinar would convert — so we got to work reviewing the content and her pitch at the end. This way, we knew her webinar was ready (and also would convert).

This is why I ask you to come to our session with at least a couple questions, and to dig a bit deeper to make sure we’re spending your time wisely!

Examine your launch plan

I can’t wait to take a look at your launch plan. If you don’t have a launch plan, that’s OK. I’d love to know where you are getting stuck, what technology issues or struggles you are having, or what concerns you have about promoting your offer. 

Together, we’ll look at your plan (no matter how developed it is) and figure out what needs to be done next. Sometimes, it’s figuring out what tools you need to execute on your existing plan. Sometimes, it’s creating a launch calendar so you know what’s going out when. And sometimes, it’s just making sure that you know exactly what to check before everything goes live (so you’re not fixing things while people are trying to buy).

We’ll also identify your plan’s weaknesses and get to work building them up a bit. I like to ask about tech, promotion strategies, and your bandwidth so we can try to foresee any issues that may arise during the launch. Plus, I’ve got a pretty big arsenal of handy tools, solutions, and experts that I can recommend to make your job easier and help your launch proceed smoothly. 

Shifting focus

When I meet with clients for my 1:1 strategy sessions, they usually come with a very specific promotion, tech, or offer question in mind. But amid all the technical stuff, they’ve forgotten one thing – their ideal customer! 

It’s easy to lose sight of the customer experience when you’re planning your launch. There are so many details and things to do — I get it. That’s why, during our 1:1 session, I’ll be asking questions like:

  • Does this plan make sense for your customer? 
  • Will the customer feel overwhelmed or forgotten? 
  • Is the pricing suitable for your ideal customer? 
  • Where in the launch plan could you lose customers? Where could you gain customers? 
  • Is there an audience you’re not thinking of? How can you reach them? 

These are just a few of the ways we’ll circle back to your customers during the strategy session. It doesn’t matter how extensive or how detailed your launch plan is. If it doesn’t work for the customers you want, it’s not going to work. That’s why working with a launch strategist can really help — because it’s so easy to get bogged down in details and lose sight of the big picture.

Confidence + encouragement

Honestly, I’m kinda like your launch hype man. I know how scary it can be to put your name and face out there, to go live or send an email about that offer you poured your time and energy into. Spoiler alert: That’s how you sell. 

This is one of the biggest questions I get during a 1:1 session: ‘How can I sell without being online or being the person showing up all the time?’ That’s something we can also cover during your session — how to promote your offer in a way that feels good to you. I’m not going to tell you to go live on Instagram or hop on a stage if that’s not where you shine.

Instead, we’ll find promotional channels that help you show yourself and your brand in the best light. However, I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. Your customers need to see who you are and they need to know what you bring to the table. That means you’re going to need to promote your offer and show up consistently.

If you want to build your following, you have to invite your followers into the creative process and make them feel like they are a part of it. You’ve got to be willing to show up. Together, though, we can figure out a way that works for you and your audience. I’ll make sure you have a launch plan and promotion calendar that doesn’t make you want to hide in a cave or cancel the launch.

Let’s strategize together!

My 90-minute strategy sessions are designed to fit your needs — they’re not one-size-fits-all (because no launch is the same!). When you sign up for a strategy session, I want to make sure that it’s time spent addressing your questions, challenges, and goals. My biggest thing? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek advice, or question my guidance.

I'm here to help you fine-tune the plan and bring out what you already want to do to launch your offer; you’re the expert. I’m just making sure your launch is as tight as it can be. Whether you need an extra set of eyes to go over your launch tech, someone to help you commit to a launch plan, or someone to review your launch ideas, I’m your gal. Let’s get together and start strategizing!

When you book a 1:1 strategy session, you get: 

  • A 90-minute strategy session.
  • A recording of our strategy session.
  • A transcript of our call to reference later so you can focus on the call and information given, not on taking notes.
  • 1 month of my Launch BFF Membership FREE so you can still get access to ask me questions!

Getting started is simple — all you have to do is book your session, schedule your call, and pay!


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