Offer & Launch Strategy Sessions

Custom Offer & Launch Strategy Sessions

Running your own business is hard work. As an entrepreneur myself, I know how daunting it can be. One of the hardest parts of being the ‘boss’ is that you have to make all the big decisions yourself. You may not even have anyone you can bounce ideas off of or ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.

When I started my business, I didn’t want other business owners to feel that way because I genuinely love supporting entrepreneurs! That’s why I began offering 1:1 strategy sessions

What is a strategy session? 

Strategy sessions are one of my favorite parts of my work. I get to meet incredible entrepreneurs and business owners who have some seriously great ideas. They just need a little help getting them ready to launch. When you book a session with me, you’ll get a person to bounce ideas off, and you’ll get to work with someone who knows how to create an offer or a launch that helps you reach your goals and serves your audience.

Unlike other strategy sessions you might find (and I won’t be naming names…), my strategy sessions are flexible. All I ask is that you come with questions and have an idea of what you need help with.

What can we accomplish in 90 minutes? 

During our session, we will go over your offer, your launch, and/or your goals and create a plan for the rest of the session. During these sessions, I generally get to focus on ONE thing:

  1. Your product or offer stack: We’re going to figure out the best way to get your offer out there. We’ll talk about your potential market, your pricing, and what to include in your offer so it’s exactly what your people want and need.
  1. Your launch plan: Have your offer ready to launch? We can sit down and put together a workable launch plan. You may have some of the pieces already assembled, but I’m a master puzzle builder. Together, we’ll create or fine-tune your strategy so it’s ready to execute.
  1. Your tech & deliverables: If you need help with a sales funnel, website copy, sales page, integrations, whatever it may be to bring your launch to life — I’m your gal. I’ve got a master checklist that will help us figure out exactly what you need and when to have it done. During your session, we’ll set deadlines and timetables to build out your whole launch. 

Generally, we work on one of these areas, but sometimes we can address multiple! The idea here is that you know what you need. Do you need help deciding on your offer? Do you need help finalizing your offer? Or do you need help launching it? Identify where you’re at and let me know — my strategy sessions are flexible!

Do I need a strategy session? 

Here’s the thing: You might have a genuinely great course, webinar, or product that you know meets a need. You might even have a ton of followers and potential leads. But if you can’t finalize the offer into something your audience wants, or if you can’t promote it with a proper launch, all of that is moot. 

I don’t want your offer or launch to fall flat. Instead, I want to help you create the right offers, utilize the right tools, and build the strongest plans to sell your offer, turn those leads into customers, and keep your sales numbers rolling in. 

If you feel like you have a strong offer and a strong launch plan, you totally might not need me. But if you’re reading this, it’s probably because there’s something missing and you’re not sure what. The launch process can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or lost, that’s okay. That’s why I’m here to help you figure things out. We’re going to get into the trenches of your offer or launch plan and start shoveling till we hit gold!

And if you’re like, “Nah I’m good!” hats off to you!

Get your strategy started ASAP

If your newest offer idea is still stuck in your brain…

If you’re not sure how your offer should be presented...

If your upcoming launch has you sweating bullets…

If you’re not sure when to start planning your launch…

If you’re not sure what tools or tech you need to make your launch go well…

If you want eyes on your webinar, your sales page, or your emails…

You can absolutely benefit from a 1:1 strategy session with me. When you book a 1:1 strategy session, you get: 

  • A 90-minute strategy session
  • A recording of our strategy session
  • A transcript of our call to reference later so you can focus on the call and information given, not on taking notes!
  • 1 month of my Launch BFF Membership so we can keep the support train rolling (a $47 value)

Getting started is simple — all you have to do is book your session, schedule your call, and pay! Strategy sessions are just $997!

Need ongoing offer or launch help?

Worried one 90-minute session isn’t enough? Do you have multiple offers to create or launch? I also offer a 3-month retainer that includes two 60-minute strategy sessions a month for $1,500. It’s a great way to go more in-depth into your offers, your launch plans, and your goals. If you’re interested in that, drop me an email and we can see if it's the right fit! I’ll provide a quote and more details upon application.

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