Our Favorite Underrated Marketing Tool

If you’ve tried your hand at email and SMS marketing, chances are you’ve heard of (or currently use) tools like Active Campaign and ConvertKit. And while these tools are fine and dandy on their own, there’s a third contender that we feel is under the radar despite overperforming. 

Even though all-in-one marketing and launch platforms get a lot of attention because of their many features, sometimes you don’t need them to create straightforward campaigns and sequences effectively. Enter: Drip* – our favorite underrated marketing tool.

What is Drip?

First up: Let’s introduce you to Drip. It’s an email and SMS marketing tool for growing eCommerce brands – no matter the size of your biz. Through Drip, you can create things like:

  • Multi-channel campaigns (with emails, SMS, and pop-ups)
  • Pre-built campaigns (like welcome emails and SMS, abandoned cart reminders, and post-purchase thank you’s)
  • Audience segmentation and targeting

Drip easily integrates with eCommerce stores and can help facilitate more personalized connections with your audience at every step of their purchase journey. 

So far, so good, right?

Pros of using Drip for new or existing offers

When it comes to using Drip for existing offers or upcoming launches, there’s a lot of good happening here. If you’ve used other email marketing platforms before, you won’t have a major learning curve with Drip. That’s because it has a really intuitive and visual workflow builder, which makes creating sequences fun and easy. If you do get stuck, though, their support team usually responds within 24 hours. We can totally get behind that kind of customer service.

Here are lots of other pros to using Drip for new or existing offers:

  • It acts as a CRM with a powerful tagging system so you can quickly and easily create email segmentations.
  • You can create a variety of rules and triggers to create automated sequences, so you can run your campaigns on autopilot. Yes, please!
  • Drip’s opt-in form builder has so many more options than most other email platforms
  • You can build advanced and personalized funnels through Liquid, which is a Shopify template language that lots of eCommerce businesses use.
  • Unlike Mailchimp, Drip doesn't double-count your email subscribers (which means you won’t pay double, either).

And finally, one of our all-time favorite Drip features has got to be its lead scoring system. It lets you know who your top-quality subscribers are, and who’s getting cold. That way, you can continue to develop lists and sequences to re-engage all of your subscribers! How amazing is that?!

Cons of Drip

Of course, no tool is absolutely perfect. And because we want you to make the most informed decisions about your business, it’s only fair that we talk about the cons of Drip, too. Thankfully, there aren’t that many.

Because Drip’s email builder is fairly simple, you’re pretty limited as far as customization goes. If you want more customization, you’ll have to code the email template yourself.

We also find that the reporting is a bit difficult to navigate. If you have a lot of automations (and don’t name your campaigns with a lot of details), it’ll be harder to view your most basic email and SMS status. But if you stick to a consistent naming system, you’ll likely get the hang of it as time goes on.

Finally, one of the most exciting parts of email campaigns – A/B testing – can also be tricky to program through Drip. It’s possible, yes, but it may take some patience and extra learning to get the hang of it. As we mentioned earlier, Drip has a great support system, so you can feel confident they’ll be standing by to help should you need it.

Making the switch to Drip

As exciting as new tools can be, sometimes the hardest part is actually making the switch. After all, you don’t want to lose all of your contacts and data you have stored in your current tool. The good news? It’s super easy to make the switch to Drip.

Importing your email lists is really straightforward. Drip has bulk upload options available, which means you can easily add and remove tags and add and remove different groups and segmentations to automation workflows.

And if you don’t have that large of an email list (yet) – no problem! Drip has really straightforward pricing for any type of budget. The price you pay depends on the number of contacts you have. So, if you have a smaller list, you’ll score cheaper pricing. 

As you grow your lists through Drip’s multi-channel campaigns, your pricing will increase – but not by much. For us, it’s a relief knowing that you can have a tool that grows with you and doesn’t become unaffordable as you scale your business.

Ready to try Drip?

Email and SMS marketing may seem like simple tactics – but can be incredibly powerful when combined together. And the fact that you can manage both through one, easy-to-use tool? Even better.

Bottom line: Don’t sleep on email and SMS marketing, and don’t sleep on Drip. It’s one of the most impressive underrated tools we use, and we hope you get the same excitement and success from it as we have!

Try Drip out with a 14-day free trial!*

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