Prepping for Your Next Launch (the Right Way)

There are two types of people on Halloween: Those who know how to make a good homemade costume and those who don’t. Some people just don’t have the crafting gene and, during Halloween, it’s painfully obvious. Thousands of us have brutal homemade Halloween costumes to attest to this pain. 

For the month of Halloween, I want to talk about something even scarier (and potentially more traumatizing) than the homemade Halloween costume. Something that is equally cobbled together, with little to no preparation, and is just as terrifying... the FRANKENLAUNCH!

What’s the Frankenlaunch? 

If you skipped high school English, remember Frankenstein’s monster was supposed to be a good thing – and then everything went sideways. That’s what will happen to your launch if you listen to all the launch advice out there. It will make things WAY too complicated and you’ll create a total launch monster.

So here’s the one piece of advice I always give: Keep it simple, especially for your first launch. 

There’s advice out there from randos on the internet on what works and what doesn’t for your launch. And it’s worse than your Halloween costume Pinterest board! If you listen to it all, you’re going to end up with dozens of email ideas, seven different pricing options, and a weird-looking sales page. You’ll have given birth to your very own Frankenlaunch. So what should you do instead?

Keep it simple

Imagine a launch strategy that includes a sales sequence, five webinars in three days (how is that even possible?), 4x too many reminder emails and a pre-sales campaign that goes on too long. I’ve seen launches like this happen, and it’s just TOO MUCH. It’s overwhelming for you, confusing for customers, and not sustainable.

Instead, let’s focus on the basics:

  • Kickoff your launch with a webinar or a challenge. You can’t do both. (You’ll have a chance to get my Webinar 101 guide if you attend my upcoming Frankenlaunch workshop)
  • Sell for 7-10 days. Anything more is too long. I’ve found this is the perfect length of time before you’ll burn out.
  • Stick to one email a day (except at the end). Give your customers a breather and take weekends off. If you have a small email list, you don’t want to get blocked for sending too many emails.

Iterate on your launch AFTER you have one under your belt

Your first launch is never easy. But once you have the basics down and you’ve made it to the other side of your launch, you can start to play around a bit more. That’s when I recommend trying longer launches, playing around with multiple events or live workshops, and trying different email cadences. Once you’ve got one launch under your belt, you’ve got the data to experiment the next time around!

Want to avoid the Frankenlaunch for real?

If you want to avoid accidentally birthing a Frankenlaunch, join me for my workshop on October 19th, at 1:00 pm ET.

Save your spot and I’ll even send you a replay if you can’t attend. But seriously, you’ll want to be there because we’re going to be digging into: 

  • What the Frankenlaunch is and how to identify it
  • Who’s susceptible to the Frankenlaunch 
  • Cures for the Frankenlaunch
  • How you can defeat the Frankenlaunch 
  • How to avoid being affected by the Frankenlaunch in the future

You’re basically going to be the Van Helsing of launches when this workshop is over. So sign up now and defeat the Frankenlaunch!

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