Types of Launch Support to Hire

What Kind of Launch Support Do You Need? 

Do you remember learning to ride a bike? There seemed to be two camps of kids when it was time to ride the bike. The ones hopped on, got a push from their parents, and sailed away, pumping with glee. Then, there were the rest of us. 

We had pads on every inch of our bodies and a hysterical parent running for dear life beside us, trying in vain to stop us from falling or, worse, hitting parked cars. It may have taken two, three, or five hundred tries, but eventually, after a lot of tears, bumps, and scrapes, we finally started pumping our legs, straightened out the handlebars, and biked away from our parents!

Prepping your launch, especially the first time, can feel like learning to ride a bike — the hard way. You think you know what to do, but you still keep wiping out. The easiest way to learn is to have someone beside you to help keep you steady until you figure things out. That’s where launch support comes in! But who should you ask for help from, and when should you hire someone to help with your launch?

Support from a launch strategist 

If you have an idea for your launch, but want to make sure it’s executed well, I highly recommend that you find a launch strategist to consult with. Even if it’s a quick brainstorm session, you’ll be able to work with a real expert to filter your ideas, figure out your overall goals, and make a plan to achieve them.

Honestly, strategizing is one of my favorite parts of planning a launch! When you’re deep in the strategizing and planning stages of a launch, anything is possible. If you’re interested in launch strategy and planning, I can help you narrow down your goals, keep them realistic, and develop a doable plan. Learn more about my strategy sessions here.

Need more DIY support? Check out my Launch Recipe Cards and figure out which launch strategy works for you, what you need to make it happen, and how to make it your own. *chef’s kiss*


If you hate staring at a blank page, you’re not the only one. But don’t let the fear of starting to overwhelm you. You’re going to need a lot of copy for a launch — more than you think. How much? That’s what you’ll need to figure out. 

First, I always recommend listing out all of the copy you need. Do you need a product page or a sales page? What about emails? Confirmation or purchase emails? Social media captions? Then, it’s time to figure out who is writing what, when it needs to be done, and how it will be executed. If you’re overwhelmed by the copywriting list you’ve just made, it might be time to hire a copywriter!

There are copywriters who also offer some launch strategy, including direction on how many emails you need, what to include on a sales page, and how to engage your audience on social media. While copywriters can be expensive, I think finding one who specializes in launch copy is a great investment (IF you have a vetted offer).

Launch managers

The weeks leading up to a product launch are going to feel BUSY. Before you have a panic attack, relax. You’ve got this. Working with a launch manager or a VA who is experienced in launches, you can work out a timeline that makes it very clear what goes out when and when you need to go live, open the cart, and so on. If you already work with an online business manager or detail-oriented VA, ask them for help!

And if you can’t afford to hire a launch manager right now, I highly HIGHLY recommend that you take at least the week of your launch off so you can focus solely on it. That way, if any issues or problems arise, you’ve got the time to deal with them yourself.

Tech set-up

If you hate everything to do with tech, it might be time to hire someone who doesn’t want to chuck their laptop out a window every day. I’ve done more than my fair share of launches and I can say with certainty that tech set-up is one of the places I see launches go (real) wrong. If you’re not sure how to set up a checkout integration to your payment tool, don’t know how to create automations in your email service provider, or need to set up a new tool (like a course platform or sales funnel), it might be time to hire a tech VA.

There are some amazing VAs out there who are super fast at setting up email integrations, carts and promo codes, and creating seamless integrations between your pages, purchases, emails, and so on. If you want to make sure your launch tech goes off without a hitch, definitely look into this before it comes down to crunch time! Just make sure you know what tech you need help with, or work with an experienced-enough VA who can help guide your tech decisions.

Get monthly launch guidance

The other key to your launch success? Finding out what works and knowing (without a doubt) what you need to do to host a successful launch. Launches are my jam — I love the anticipation, the prep work, and the day everything goes live. Working with my clients and prepping their launches, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a launch work (or not). I’ve also learned that no launch is one-size-fits-all.

Instead, there are elements to launches that might be great for your business, and others that might not. You don’t know until you explore! That’s why I created Launch BFF, a monthly launching membership designed to teach you about a new topic related to marketing and launching digital products every month. 

You’ll go deep on how the strategy works, why it works, and how you can make it work for your business. You’ll also get:

  • Monthly live member classes on the 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • Recordings of all past calls available in our member vault
  • A community of online entrepreneurs who currently (or want to!) use live launching as a revenue driver in their business.
  • Preferred pricing to work with Audrey 1:1 (remember those strategy sessions I mentioned above?!)

Instead of wondering what sort of launch to host or if a certain approach is right for you, you can dig deep and find out — each month! If you want group launch support and a place to really learn the ins and outs of launching, join the Launch BFF membership today!

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