Can a Launch Copywriter Help You With Your New Offer? Let’s Find Out.

Sales pages, email sequences, checkout pages, oh my! If those are the kinds of things that keep you up at night when you think about launching something new, you’re not alone.

Most business owners avoid copy because they assume they’re not good at it, or because they’re told it has to be incredibly complicated. You can absolutely create amazing launch copy with just a little help from your friends (Templates. Your friends are templates.)…

But sometimes, you really need someone to take more of your launch workload from your plate. For some business owners, most of their stress comes from managing all the elements of a launch. For some, it’s writing all the copy.

If you’re in the second camp, it’s time to talk about hiring a launch copywriter. 

Launch copywriters can turn all the jumbled-up thoughts in your head into brilliant pieces of copy! And they won’t just sound good. They’ll guide your audience down that sales funnel and convert them into buying customers or really strong leads. 

But how do you know if you need a launch copywriter? And how do you find someone to help you write words that convert? 

That’s what we’re going to be taking a look at today!

The role of a launch copywriter

You’re going to need a lot of copy for your launch, and probably a lot more than you think. From sales pages to launch emails and even the checkout page, there are words that must be written and poised to convert at every turn. 

And while copywriters have a broad range of abilities, the best ones you can have on your team for launch season are ones who are experienced in or specialize in launch copy. Because just like with any other job, no person can be experienced in everything.

Usually, copywriters specialize in things like: 

  • Social media copy 
  • Web copy 
  • Sales copy
  • Launch copy
  • e-Commerce email copy 

Each copywriter has their own preferences and strengths. And while most copywriters can help you write launch copy, it’s always better to find someone who specializes in launches and knows how they run.

What a launch copywriter actually writes

The point of launch copy is to get people to buy from or work with you. Where other types of content or copy aim to connect with your audience and build authority in your niche, launch copy (and sales copy) is purely to persuade.

There are quite a few “deliverables” a launch copywriter can help with, like…

Pre-launch copy

A big part of your launch will always be the work that leads up to the actual launch itself. And no matter what you choose to warm up your audience, you’ll need copy to promote it. 

  • Landing pages for your pre-launch event: This will be the registration page for the event, which includes reasons why people should care about the event in the first place. And then, a thank you page to display after someone registers!
  • Pre-launch emails: After someone has registered for your pre-launch event, they’re going to need some emails to welcome them in and give instructions or reminders leading up to the event. 
  • Ad copy: Landing pages and emails aren’t the only things you’ll need! You may also want your copywriter to create ad copy to promo your pre-launch event and reach more people. 

Live launch copy

When your offer goes live, you’re going to need somewhere to direct your audience. That’s where a sales page comes in! Regardless of what you’re launching, you’ll need one that:

  • Speaks to your audience’s pain points
  • Clearly shows them what they’ll get from the offer
  • Answers your audience’s potential questions/hangups about your offer
  • Has a clear CTA to purchase/sign up.

You’ll also need several sales emails to let people know you’re live! Ideally, you want to send an email out each day of the launch, or if it’s a longer launch, at least every other day. And on the last day, you’ll want to send out two final reminders to purchase/sign up.  

Finally, you’ll need a delivery email sequence to welcome new people into the mix! This typically means delivery emails and 1-2 follow-ups to check in and see how things are going. 

Post-launch copy

Some copywriters can also help you with capturing those loose leads and getting feedback from your audience. They can create:

  • “Why no buy” emails
  • Retargeting ads
  • Downsell emails (to get people into a lower cost offer)
  • Cool-down emails (so you don’t just go dark after 7-10 days of heavy email promotion)

Of course, these are just a few things that launch copywriters can offer. Not all of them do offer this. How do you find the launch copywriter who can help you with your specific needs? Keep reading. 

How to find the right launch copywriter for you

As with any contractor, you need to vet candidates properly. You want to know that the launch copywriters you interview are going to be a good fit. So create a short list of people you want to hire and then ask them these questions:

“Do you have experience writing for this industry or audience?”

Remember what we said earlier about hiring specific and experienced help? Ask what type of clients a copywriter has supported — and ask for samples of launch copy from industries similar to yours. While each business is different, knowing a launch copywriter has a feel for your industry or niche can make the process much smoother. 

If you’ve found a copywriter who hasn’t worked with your target audience before, don’t be afraid to ask them about their process for getting to understand your audience, your industry, etc. 

H2: “What brand voices are you most comfortable writing itn? 

While many copywriters can jump between writing mediums (sales pages to emails to ads, etc.), you also want to make sure that they can adapt to your brand voice. You may find a copywriter who is really good at writing bubbly, feminist brands or one who is really good at more serious and straightforward tones. But what if you need to find someone who matches your brand voice that’s somewhere in the middle? 

This is why asking for a range of samples is so important; don’t be afraid to ask for samples that align with your brand voice. (Just make sure you know your brand voice before working with a launch copywriter — everyone will be much happier.) 

“Do you work with designers?”

Of course, copywriters write and designers design, but copywriting and design work hand-in-hand, especially during a launch. While not all copywriters are familiar with the design process for things like sales pages or social graphics, it sure does help to have one who is. 

A designer has to know what capacity they’re working worth (the longer the copy, the longer the design). But that also means your launch copywriter should be writing with the design process in mind. 

This could look like formatting titles, bullet points, and icons, making bold or italic points to make certain words or phrases stand out, and even laying out the general structure of the page.

When you find someone who’s at least knowledgeable about how things sales are impacted by design, you’ve got a better chance of having a smooth launch process. 

“Can we use your copy again in the future?”

One of the most common mistakes we see people make with their copy is writing it to be launch-specific. They launch on January 1st so they make everything New Year’s themed, or they launch something that’s tied to their outdated brand that’s being redesigned.

When you have copy written, you want to make the most out of your investment. But that doesn’t just mean short-term conversions. That means you want copy that you can use again in the future, and adapt to changes in your business. 

You want a copywriting partner who can write copy that’s aligned with your brand’s values and goals for your launch, but isn’t so specific to this launch that it’s irrelevant as soon as cart closes. If your copywriter writes with the future in mind, you’re much more likely to have more copy to reuse in the future. 

If a copywriter doesn’t allow you to use copy beyond this current launch or says you’ll need to write another set of sales copy for your next launch, that’s valuable to know upfront. 

Not sure you need copy help, but want support for your next launch? 

America may run on Dunkin’, but launches don’t just run on copywriters. Launches are complex and have so many moving parts that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But you totally don’t have to do it all alone. There are so many launch professionals out there, playing supporting roles to help make your next launch a breeze!

Check out our post here about the different types of launch support and how to know which role you need next.

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