What is a Mini Offer & Why Create One?

What's a Mini Offer and Why Do You Need One?

Have you ever ordered a plate of sliders at a restaurant? Here’s the thing: a slider is still a burger, just smaller. Somehow, though, it just feels better to eat three little mini burgers instead of one big burger. 

Sliders are a lot like mini offers — a product or offer that teaches your customers how to execute on a task or start a project that lies in your area of expertise. 

What’s a mini offer?

Mini offers are usually brief, tactical guides or checklists that help your customer do something very specific — like edit their first YouTube video, build a sales page on their website, or organize their Google Drive folders.

They’re usually less than $100 (it’s even better if it’s under $50) and are super simple; they give away a few tactical tips or steps, and your customers feel accomplished knowing they got something done. But your sliders (I mean mini offers) do something extra special: they leave your customers hungry for more. 

Freebies vs. mini offers

I don’t want you to confuse your opt-ins or freebies with a mini offer. There’s one key difference between these two: Value! Your mini offer has to help your customers do something very specific, while a freebie will often just introduce the idea or explain why that tool/process/idea is right for them.

Here’s an example: I created my Launch Recipe Cards freebie, with cute little recipe cards that show you what you need to do for your launch — but not how to do it. I use my recipe cards to build out my email list and identify potential leads.

Once someone downloads the recipe cards, they’re on my email list and receive promotions for my Course Launch Checklist. It’s the same checklist I use when I prepare a launch, and it’s a great starter for anyone who still needs to DIY their launch. It’s only $47 and they know, by this point, that my launch recipe cards were super helpful. So they buy in!

See, the recipe cards freebie makes potential customers realize what they need to do for their launch, but the cards don’t give them the tools to do it. In fact, the recipe cards might even push them to realize how much help they need! So, when they get the email offer for my launch checklist, they’ll think, ‘Hell, yes, I need this!’ 

In case it wasn’t clear, my Course Launch Checklist is my mini offer. It’s always there for my customers to buy and I’ve only had to create it once. For me, it’s a simple tool I can offer to provide value to my customers — and with a little promotion, it can drive more consistent sales for me. 

If this example has those brain wheels churning, let’s talk about the benefits of a mini offer for YOUR business.

#1: Mini offers can help offset costs

Look, your mini offer might not be the biggest money maker in your offer arsenal, but it may bring in enough to offset some of your costs, especially for advertising (Facebook ads aren’t getting any cheaper, you know). Many marketers talk about “SLOs,” or self-liquidating offers. Essentially, you create a mini offer priced under $100 and drive ads to it. While the ad cost may eat your overall profit, the idea is that you have new leads who are interested in exactly what you do.

The real key here is to make sure your mini offer is aligned with your goals and your other offers. You don’t want to create a Canva template social media kit as your mini offer when you design websites. Make sense?

#2: It helps qualify your leads

How many of the people who download your freebie come back for your complete offer? Less than half? … None? A mini offer helps you weed out more of those dud leads and makes it easier to qualify the leads that may convert to sales. 

Think of it like this: You start with a wide sales funnel, bringing in people with your freebie. Once those leads download the freebie, you want to whittle that pool down to real potential customers or clients with your mini offer. These leads have already paid for one offer you have, so they may continue through the customer journey sales funnel you set up for your big-ticket items.

#3: Kickstart your passive income

 A small, simple mini offer is a great way to bring in a little extra income each month. It may not be much, but it can add up over time. Plus, if it’s an evergreen item, like my launch checklist, you don’t have to update or change it constantly. Instead, you create it once and then keep selling it. So it’s always there for your customers to buy!

Just make sure you have an easy-to-find sales page or product page for your mini offer if your goal is passive income. You want to make sure people can find it! (Read: don’t bury your mini offer in a sales funnel.)

#4: You can create a suite of complementary mini offers 

You may have some customers who love your products and courses but just can never afford your big-ticket items, like 1:1 coaching or done-for-you services. If you create a variety of complementary mini offers, your customers can choose what they need without making a considerable investment. They’ll know they can come to you for guidance and direction on their specific challenges and know that you’ll have a solution!

#5: Show people who you are and what you do

A mini offer is kind of like a peek behind the curtain for your customers. When they download your freebies, they see you and get an idea of what you do, but they just aren’t sure how it all works. A mini offer lets them pull back those curtains and see the nuts and bolts of what you have to offer and how it can help them. In short, it’s a great way to build a relationship without you trying to make a huge sale right after “meeting” a new lead. Let them learn more and make a few $$$ while they do!

Give your customers a taste, so they keep coming back

Have I convinced you that mini offers are awesome? I think they are — and I think your customers will, too. They may not be ready for your entire course or webinar or have the budget to work with you 1:1. That’s where a mini course or offer comes in. It is the perfect way for your customers to get something of value from you that can still help them meet their goals, without you giving everything away for free.

Not sure what sort of mini offer would be right for you? DM me on Instagram and let’s chat about it!

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