What Email Warmups Are — And Why They Matter for Your Launch

As you gear up for your next new offer launch or big promotion, you’re probably running through a long to-do list of everything that needs to happen before, during, and after. But one thing you don’t want to leave off that list? Warmup emails. 

If you’ve forgotten to “warm up” your email subscribers before a big launch or sale, you’re not alone. But if they’ve ever been an afterthought (or missing from your launch strategy entirely), we’re here to break down exactly why you need them and how to add them into your next launch or sales campaign!

What’s an email warmup?

An email warmup is exactly what it sounds like – a warmup that gets you back in people’s inboxes and “warming up them.” From there, these warmup emails lead straight into your launch period. They start anywhere from two to six weeks before your next product goes on sale or your campaign goes live. The focus of these emails isn’t to say, “Buy this!” or “Buy that!” – the main goal is to simply inform your audience of the upcoming launch to them excited, primed, and ready to buy!

Why you need warmup emails

On top of generating lots of hype, email warmups can also serve as additional opportunities to:

  • Inform and educate your audience
  • Help them solve a problem
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Get your audiences’ buy-in
  • Hyper-target your messaging

These emails shouldn’t be an afterthought; they’re essential to a successful launch. And, as you can see, there are plenty of additional perks you can benefit from – all by simply adding just a handful of emails to your launch strategy. How amazing is that?

How to create email warmups

As you (or your team) starts to craft email warmups, think of the problem or problems your product or service is going to help your audiences solve. That way, you can get subscribers more invested by showing them you have the solution to those problems – and that solution is on its way. 

Email Warmup #1

Your first email warmup should go out two to three weeks before your official launch/event announcement to generate excitement. This is where you can also create an opportunity to join a waitlist specifically for your new product. Remember that hyper-target messaging we mentioned earlier? It can be crafted just for that waitlist! Amazing, right? 

Here’s a high-level outline to follow for your first email warmup:

Subject line: Something related to the problem you’re helping solve

Body: Add your regular newsletter content here. Remember, you’re not trying to push your upcoming launch on your audience – think of this as planting the seeds.

Teaser: Create a transitional moment that ties in with your offer. For example: Want to learn how to [solve the problem]? Then tease your upcoming launch and add a link for subscribers to join the waitlist.

Email Warmup #2

Your second email warmup should be sent about a week before your official launch/event announcement (it’s a great time to mention that, too!). This email will essentially follow the same format as your first warmup email, except you want to enhance the focus on problem-solving in this one. You can also hype up the waitlist even more, letting audiences know that you’ll send them exclusive details as soon as your offer, product, or event is ready!

Email Warmup #3 and Beyond

How you finish off your warmup sequence is up to you. You might want to send a countdown email, with a link that lets people set up a timer on your big launch. You might want to include a sneak peek of your new product, like a video walkthrough or mockups. You may want to even include a special discount just to people on your email list.

The whole point? Have fun with it. You’re not beholden to anyone’s warmup email schedule (not even mine!). You just want to build as much hype as possible so your email list feels like they’re getting VIP access to everything you’ve got going on.

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